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  • Clinikk subscription offers many other benefits such as "Health Insurance", "Health Insurance Loan".

We Help You Save

Healthcare Delivery

With a strong alliance with our trusted partners, quality medical care is always at your disposal. Our network consists of leading hospitals, NABL accredited labs and pharmaceutical providers with proven track records. Our partners of choice are industry's most reliable brands who strongly comply with our strict medical standards. We ensure that when you have a medical need, it's served with utmost care and compassion.

Health Insurance

We help you choose the right health insurance plan based on your health requirements. Your Health Assistant helps you understand your insurance plan better. In the unlikely event of hospitalization, your Health Assistant guides you to make optimal use of your insurance in the most effective way.

Critical Healthcare Decisions?

We have your back

In the time of critical health need of loved ones, able medical guidance is what makes all the difference. Our team of skilled and compassionate medical professionals is by your side even in the worst of times as your trusted family doctor. They ensure that you have the access to the right care at the first time. From telemedicine and second opinion services to hospitalization and insurance utilization, we have your back.

Technology Empowered Caring Assistants

Each individual in a family has a unique health need. Clinikk's AI powered concierge is continuously evolving to deliver extremely effective and personalized guidance. Our top-notch proprietary technology drives your Health Assistant to provide a seamless healthcare experience. The unique blend of compassion and technology leads to increased savings and positive healthcare outcomes.

Is your family Clinikk Assured?

We, at Clinikk, wouldn't want you to deal with large medical bills and misguidance. Our family subscription is strong health "assurance" for your loved ones. So, time to say good-bye to the forever stress of their day-to-day health. With our able team by your side, you and your family will be well protected and cared for.

Rs 3000

  • 24X7 access to your Health Companion
  • 12 Free calls to Clinikk Doctors
  • Guided assistance to the right speciality in your proximity
  • *Up to 25% off on all health care services


Clinikk for Business

Clinikk is revolutionizing the way organizations have perceived healthcare for their employees. And the result is evident - happier, healthier and productive workforce.

Learn how Clinikk is serving companies like yours to drive engagement, lower healthcare spending and increasing employee retention.


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Some of our major clients are

Uber wanted its driver partners to take better care of their health. We are empowering them to be in charge of their health.
Porter wanted a healthcare partner who could guide their workforce in times of any healthcare need. We have their back now.
LetsService wanted to curb absenteeism and lower healthcare costs of employee families. Our personalized care is reducing costs and boosting productivity.
G7CR wanted to curb employee attrition and drive health engagement. With real engagement we are delivering happiness.

Clinikk is revolutionizing the approach to health care in India, with its robust on-demand offerings, and thus being the single point of contact to any medical need, affordable and accessible 24*7.

Clinikk approaches health care with a holistic view, focusing on holistic care instead of symptomatic care. Clinikk manages all dimensions of health and health records for its patients which helps in understanding the problem better, leveraging advance technologies which in result help the patients to achieve their health goals.

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