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Clinikk has been selected for the USAID-SAMRIDH initiative

This prestigious program aims to create a more meaningful and complete healthcare product tailored to the needs of employees who lack access to high-quality healthcare.

USAID-Samridh Clinikk Program

Clinikk’s Mission

Clinikk's solution seeks to complement Ayushman Bharat by delivering exceptional primary care, thereby assisting families in covering a significant portion of their out-of-pocket medical expenses.

This effort aims to make employees' lives better and bring good results for business owners and organisations by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

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Clinikk is on a mission to make the workforce of India healthy!
We are offering free medical screenings for employees of all organisations. Our screenings will help in early detection and prevention of any medical issues.

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Clinikk Organised medical events

Medical Drives conducted by Clinikk across Bengaluru under the USAID-Samridh* initiaitive

*Supported by United States Agency for International Development (USAID)