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Membership starts at ₹900/month
See a doctor at any Health Hub or our Online Clinic as many times completely free
Free medicines and tests that the Clinikk doctor recommends
Visit a specialist doctor anywhere and get all the bills reimbursed
Get treatment for small issues to serious problems all in one place
Group health insurance provided by Care Insurance, a top IRDAI registered health insurance company
Cashless hospitalization in 10,000 hospitals and reimburse bills from hospitals pan India
Choose health insurance up to ₹55 Lakhs and have accidental insurance up to ₹5 Lakhs
Get maternity, single private room, ambulance and 80D tax-saving benefits

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"The staff is more like family and you feel comfort that you normally do not in hospitals. There is that personal touch."
By Sanjay K & Bhavini DaveyRestaurant OwnerMember since Nov 2022
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"Clinikk is filling a major void of quality primary healthcare and financial protection"
"Clinikk is building a managed healthcare model"
"What makes the Clinikk model attractive to insurers is its preventive aspect..."
"A complete resurrection of Family Physicians"
"All these services are available in just one plan - something unheard of..."
"Clinikk organizes Evidence Based Care Pathways workshop for primary care"
"A good health plan that offers protection against both catastrophic expenses..."
"Clinikk's technology...ensures that patients get safe, effective and protocol-based care"

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