Rudhir Awal

"I met with an accident while commuting back from work due to which my left shoulder got fractured. I underwent a surgery to fix my shoulder with couple of screws, which was the major problem, because there was very limited movement in my hand. My consultant orthopedic surgeon recommended physiotherapy from Clinikk. Dr. Ayesha, my physiotherapist, made a strong bond with my family and me. She advised me on what needs to be done and what should be avoided. Every day, punctually, she visited our place to conduct my sessions. She gave me confidence to fight my severe pain. She was in constant touch with my doctor to explain my progress. The nursing team was very co-operative too. I have completely recovered and can engage in my day-to- day activities with ease. It is a great feeling"


"I'm 71 year old. I'm not diabetic or not troubled with any disease and enjoy a healthy life! I'm youngest one in our family. When I was changing the light bulb in my house I had a fall from the ladder had a fracture. That was the first time ever that I had a health issue. I had to be operated given my condition. Post discharge from hospital my doctor advised physiotherapy. The doctor himself recommended Clinikk to me when I asked for the best treatment available. My therapy continued for over two months. My physiotherapist Dr. Khursheed was very experienced and good. He consulted my doctor very frequently for advise and treated me just the way he recommended. Given my age I took longer to recover but Dr. Khursheed was patient with me and helped me recover well. He is now a family. Team Clinikk is very co-operative they provide good service. We had also procured walking stick from them and get medicines from them too. They are prompt with deliveries. I am happy to recommend Clinikk. "

Sarala Madhusudhan

"I was suffering with urinary tract infection. My doctor had advised me to contact Clinikk Healthcare for IV injections at home. My care providers Vitoba and Ramesh served me well. They helped me overcome my fear with humility and care. They were loving, polite and well behaved. I got regular injections in morning and evening for 10 continuous sessions. This was all done at my home and avoided lot of hassle. Along with injections they would check my BP and sugar. I recovered well in time. I thank Clinikk whole heartedly and recommend it to my friends and family."

Kumuda Shishir

"We had met with a bad accident while we were travelling from Tirupathi to Bangalore and my son had a hip and wrist fracture. His hand was immobilized for 6 weeks, it was very stiff and had no movement. He was prescribed physiotherapy for his recovery. The Orthopedic Surgeon introduced us to Clinikk. We are very thankful to treating physiotherapist, Dr. Khursheed. The sessions had a remarkable effect on my son's health. His movements are now back. We are satisfied and happy with the care he provided us. He was extremely professional and didn't miss any session. Now, whenever someone has a problem with his health I ask him or her to contact Clinikk. As a matter of fact, I was talking to my colleague today about Clinikk."

Nazeera Sultana

"I am 61 years old housewife. I've have lot of health issues including diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid. I came to know about Clinikk from my daughter and Son-in- law and bought the gold family membership. Vitoba and Nagendra are my care coordinators. They are extremely caring, just like my own sons. Just a call with Clinikk, no matter what time of the day, I get my lab samples collected, medicines delivered, and every time with a smile. Earlier I used to wait in medical stores, go to labs for blood tests, and all by myself, but things are so much easier now. I don't have to pay any extra charges, it's affordable and I get great discounts every time. Makes my life so much relaxed, no more stress about health"